History of Sun Chlorella

Ever since our Founder Nakayama created Sun Chlorella Corp., chlorella has been extensively researched and its numerous health benefits unveiled.

By combining the best of modern technology and the wholesome power of the sun, we ensure that our products
are the highest quality on the market. Since then, Sun Chlorella has grown to a global network with 16 distributors world wide, with our very own North American branch opening its doors in 1982.

Overseas Offices/Subsidiaries

  • JAPAN – Sun Chlorella Corporation, Kyoto
  • UNITED STATES – Sun Chlorella USA Corporation, California
  • CHINA – Sun Chlorella (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai
  • GREAT BRITAIN – Sun Chlorella Corporation London Branch, London

Overseas Distributors

  • INDONESIA – Pt. Citra Nusa Insan Cemerlang, Jakarta
  • THAILAND – Win Win (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Bangkok
  • MALAYSIA – TJC (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Lumpur
  • SINGAPORE – Tisco Pte. Ltd.
  • HONG KONG – Tisco (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong
  • UAE – Best Nutraceutical Fzc., Dubai
  • AUSTRALIA – Desaron Pty. Ltd., Sydney
  • RUSSIA – Llc Ecodom / Llc Vinokoma, Moscow
  • SPAIN – Salud Chlorella España, S.L., Alicante
  • NORWAY – Midsona Norge AS., Moss
  • NETHERLANDS – Pro Health B.V./Ogystal, Weerd
  • PORTUGAL – Natris-Centro Dietetico, S.A., Lisbon
  • SWEDEN – Midsona Sverige AB, Malmö
  • BULGARIA – Apricus Ltd., Veliko Tarnovo
  • ROMANIA – Render International S.R.L., Bucharest
  • VIETNAM – Natural Balance, Pty Ltd., Ho Chi Minh